Pioneer & Military Memorial Park, Phoenix, Arizona
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Pioneer Cemetery

Cementerio Lindo

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Cemetery Preservation

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Cemetery Preservation

      We expect cemeteries and grave markers to endure forever--but without continuing care, they won't.  Neglect, vandalism, weather and urban encroachment are enemies of historic cemeteries, especially those for whom a parent organization no longer exists.  A parent organization could be a church, a town, a ranch, a mining camp or even an institution such as a prison or asylum.

      Across the nation, volunteer groups are stepping forward to 'adopt' these old cemeteries, restore their dignity and make the information contained in their headstones available to the public.

      As one of the few organizations in Arizona that was founded specifically to preserve a historic cemetery, the Pioneers' Cemetery Association, Inc. is often asked for advice about caring for old burial grounds.  To that end, the PCA has made the following documents available.  They were drafted by PCA members Dr. Cathy Johnson, archaeologist, Vivia Strang of Arizona SHPO, Mark Lamm, Bob Cox and approved by PCA's Board of Directors in December 2014.  Other organizations are encouraged to use them as models.

Management and Conservation Plans for The Pioneer & Military Memorial Park

Management and Conservation Plans for Cementerio Lindo


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