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The Pioneers' Cemetery Association offers a unique perspective on Arizona's past!

Mission of the Pioneers' Cemetery Association, Inc.

         The mission of the Pioneers' Cemetery Association (PCA) is to research, preserve and protect the history and physical remains of Arizona pioneers as exemplified in the early, historic-period cemeteries of the state.

         The PCA also strives to preserve, interpret, and promote through active fund-raising and individual volunteerism the understanding of archaeological resources as exemplified by the prehistoric, historic, and contemporary cultures of the southwestern region. Such cultures include, but are not limited to, the prehistoric Hohokam and historic Mexican, African American, Chinese, and European groups.

Name of the Association
          Our organization's name, Pioneers' Cemetery Association, was chosen to reflect our interest in all of Arizona's historic cemeteries.

History of the Association

         The original Pioneers' Cemetery Association was formed in 1938 for the purpose of preserving the seven historic cemeteries near the State Capitol Complex.  These cemeteries which now comprise the Pioneer & Military Memorial Park were in use from 1884 to 1914 and hold the remains of many of Phoenix's pioneering families. Founding members of the PCA included Barry Goldwater, Frank Alkire, Walter Bimson, Carl Hayden and Thomas Hayden, among others.  The research of this group formed the basis for the present PCA. 
         Although the original PCA disbanded at the outbreak of World War II, it was revived in 1983. Charter members of the revived Pioneers' Cemetery Association included Algona and Philip Winslow, Darton Harris and Dan Craig, all dedicated researchers.

Activities of the Association 
         Algona Winslow began contacting families of decedents as early as 1975.  Since then, PCA volunteers have researched and compiled a list of burials that took place in these cemeteries. The list has been published on this website as a service to the public.  Volunteers are currently working on a similar list for Cementerio Lindo, the first Maricopa County Cemetery.  Over the years, the PCA's interests have expanded to include other historic cemeteries around the state.  Its project for Arizona's Centennial year was the compilation of the Inventory of Arizona's Historic Cemeteries (IAHC), a list of all cemeteries and gravesites in Arizona that are more than fifty years old.

         The PCA engages the public through on site tours, special events and exhibits.  Our volunteers interview descendants of those buried in the cemeteries, facilitate the research of others, and provide educational presentations to community groups about cemetery history, recording and preservation.  PCA members also visit other historic cemeteries throughout the state, sharing insights about the history of the local area as seen through its cemeteries. 

         The offices of the PCA are located in the historic Smurthwaite House at 1317 West Jefferson Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona.  The PCA has a working association with the City of Phoenix to maintain and improve Smurthwaite House and the cemetery grounds.  In conjunction with the City of Phoenix and other historical associations, the Pioneers' Cemetery Association has presented an annual Memorial Day observance for the general public since 1983.

         For further information about the Pioneers' Cemetery Association, its activities, projects or membership, please email, write or phone us.

         The Pioneers' Cemetery Association is a member of the Association for Graveyard Studes, the Yavapai Cemetery Association, and the Arizona Genealogical Advisory Board (AzGAB).


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