Pioneer & Military Memorial Park, Phoenix, Arizona
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Burials in the Pioneer & Military Memorial Park

         There is no actual cemetery named 'Pioneer Cemetery' in Phoenix. The official name of the seven cemeteries located in the vicinity of 14th Avenue and Madison Street is the Pioneer & Military Memorial Park. Our organization's name, Pioneers' Cemetery Association, Inc., was chosen to reflect our interest in all of Arizona's historic cemeteries.

        The Pioneer & Military Memorial Park is composed of seven--yes, seven--smaller cemeteries, each with its own history.  They were in use from roughly 1884 to 1914.  They can be searched by name, year of death, state and county by going to Find-A-Grave.

         For listings of those buried in a specific cemetery, go to:

K of P

          Please be aware that the death records naming the burial place may have used different names for the same cemetery. Loosley and City Cemetery refer to the same cemetery. Rosedale is sometimes called Loring or Walker. The GAR and Confederate (or ex-Confederate) cemeteries are both sections of Porter Cemetery.

         Records show that between two and three hundred burials were later moved from these cemeteries, the majority of them to what is now Greenwood Memory Lawn. In most cases, the markers were also moved to the new burial site.  Although contemporary death records will still show the original cemetery, the graves themselves are now located elsewhere.

         Burial lists for the Pioneer & Military Memorial Park, Cementerio Lindo and Crosscut/Williams are available on CD for a suggested donation of $20.  The lists are in MicroSoft Access format.  If your computer cannot read MicroSoft Access, please let us know so that we can convert the lists to some other format, such as MicroSoft Excel.

        Comments, queries and corrections are welcome.  For further information, please email us at


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