Pioneer & Military Memorial Park, Phoenix, Arizona
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How to Contact the Pioneers' Cemetery Association, Inc.

     The Pioneers' Cemetery Association welcomes your comments, queries and corrections.  Please email us (preferred) at, phone us at 602-534-1262 on Thursdays only, or write to us at our post office box address:

     Pioneers' Cemetery Association, Inc.
     P. O. Box 33192
     Phoenix, Arizona 85067

     Smurthwaite House and the cemeteries in the Pioneer & Military Memorial Park are open to the public every Thursday, on the fourth Saturday of the month between September and May, and for special events on other days throughout the year.  

     If you would like to visit, you may wish to email us at to find out when staff members will be on the grounds.   To prevent vandalism and deter 'camping' in the cemeteries, cemetery gates are locked when staff is not present.  Private tours are available by appointment.  If you live out of town, please email us well in advance so that our volunteer staff can make arrangements to unlock the gates for you.


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