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          In City/Loosley Cemetery, there is a family plot containing three Alvarez headstones.  Except for the inscriptions on the headstones themselves, PCA researchers have found no other written records mentioning them--no death certificates, no newspaper obituaries, no entries in the federal census of 1880. 

Carmen Alvarez
                  Headstone     Guadalupe Alvarez Headstone   George Alvarez Headstone

          The fairly modern design of the headstones leads one to believe that they were placed many years after the burials took place...perhaps as replacements for the original markers that had deteriorated over time.   This suggests that the Alvarezes had family members who were still living in Phoenix well after the turn of the century.  

          If you know anything about this Alvarez family, please contact the PCA.  We want to know about all the pioneers who are buried in the Pioneer & Military Memorial Park.

*       *       *       *

          A 110-year-old monument in Rosedale Cemetery marks the graves of Theodore and Harold Holland, twins.   Find out how this pioneer Chinese family that lived in Phoenix from 1878 to 1934  acquired its very un-Chinese name.

*       *       *       *

          For 70 years, M. J. Brady and Joe Brady lay in unmarked graves.   Then, in early 2011, a granite obelisk bearing their names was discovered at an antique store in northern Arizona.  An article in the Examiner describes how the 500-pound monument was rescued and returned to Phoenix.  If you have additional information about the Bradys or how their headstone came to be in northern Arizona, please contact the PCA.

*       *       *       *

          For many years, members of the PCA wondered whose life was commemorated by the pink granite boulder inscribed "In Adoring Memory of Jay".   Then a fortunate accident on 25 November 2006 solved the mystery!

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