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Smurthwaite House and Pioneer & Military Memorial Park

Named to National Register of Historic Places

        Both the historic Smurthwaite House and the Pioneer & Military Memorial Park have achieved National Register of Historic Places status. Smurthwaite House was added on May 17, 2001, and the Pioneer & Military Memorial Park was added in 2007.

     The National Register of Historic Places is an official listing of buildings and sites considered worthy of preservation because of their historical, architectural, archaeological or cultural significance.   Administered by the National Park Service, the National Register accepts only those properties which meet rigorous and uniform standards.  A listing in the National Register benefits historic properties by making them eligible for certain Federal tax benefits,  grants for purposes of historic preservation, and special consideration in the planning of Federal or federally assisted projects.  

     The Pioneer & Military Memorial Park is the final resting place of some of Arizona's most notable pioneer citizens.  Burials include Darell Duppa, King Woolsey, Lindley Orme,Tom Graham,  and Jacob Waltz.  Several territorial governors, legislators and Phoenix mayors are also buried there.  In May of 1988, the seven original cemeteries located at 14th Avenue and Jefferson were renamed the Pioneer & Military Memorial Park and placed under the jurisdiction of the Phoenix City Department of Parks and Recreation.

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    In 1994, historic Smurthwaite House was moved from its original site on Seventh Street to its present location.  It serves as an archival library for information regarding historic cemeteries throughout Arizona and also as the headquarters for the non-profit Pioneers' Cemetery Association, Inc.

        For a tour of the Smurthwaite House, the Pioneer & Military Memorial Park, or for further information, please contact the PCA at

       For a list of other historic properties in Phoenix, go to the City of Phoenix Historic Register.


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