Pioneer & Military Memorial Park, Phoenix, Arizona
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Pioneers' Cemetery Association Services

        The PCA offers an array of services to members, researchers and students of Arizona history. Please consult our fee schedule for a comprehensive listing. 

        The PCA encourages Special Events at Pioneer & Military Memorial Park and Cementerio Lindo although,  due to our status as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, there are some restrictions.  Since these two properties are owned by the City of Phoenix, the PCA complies with the City’s operating agreements, management plans, City Parks rules and regulations as well as all other City ordinances.  At this time, Smurthwaite House is not available for events.  For inquiries regarding Special Events, email the PCA at

        The PCA Gift Shop carries print publications about Arizona history, picture postcards and novelty items.  Proceeds support the mission of the PCA and contributing Arizona-based authors.

        Preservation of historic monuments can be expensive.  The PCA relies upon donations to repair/replace such markers.   You can help by downloading our Memorial Marker brochure and returning it with your check made out to the Pioneers' Cemetery Association, Inc.


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